Mamachoco event "hand-me-downs"!!

Sat. October 30
Mamachoco’s event “hand-me-downs”!!

This is to in form you of our events on this coming Saturday.

We are going to hold the “hand-me-downs” on this Saturday Oct. 30.

You’ll find clothes for kids & babies sized 70 to 120cm.
We also have some snow wears. 

For further information, please check this Blog.

Thanks to a person who has agreed to the purpose of Mamachoco, we have been donated clothes for kids & babies (amount of 10 cardboard boxes).
Therefore, we’ll have the special event “Mamachoco’s hand-me-downs!!” in this weekend.

As children especially babies change clothes a lot in a day, they need many wears.
In addition, they outgrow their clothes soon!!
In winter, they do need many spare clothes, don’t they?

Although we ask you of cooperation money (a small amount), you can take clothes as many as you like!!

Date :

Sat. October 30

Time :

10:00 to 15:00

Place :

Japanese room 3 at Kadare (the 2nd floor)

Sizes of clothes

(for summer, winter & snow):
70 to 120cm


-Please wear mask
-Please disinfect your hands with alcohol before entering Japanese room
-You can take clothes as many as you like!!
- We ask you of 50 yen as the cooperation money

※ To whom thinking about clothes’ donation

Temporarily, we suspend receiving “hand-me-downs” now.
There are some rules for donations. Please check the link below & contact us before donating clothes.